Three important ways YOU can make the lives of
Alzheimer's families happier and healthier:
1.give a donation to the Caregiver Relief Program,
$100 pays for quality respite care for one month/family
2. offer to take a friend out to lunch or "sit" with loved one
3.learn how to support the caregiver; friend or family, and refer them to the
free services of the Caregiver Relief Program of Bedford County!

**It is great to have a community that cares!
We offer family caregiver respite reimbursement with the Tennessee Respite Coalition
The Caregiver Relief Program of Bedford County (CGRPBC) began in 1993.
The program has developed into a home based medical care giving ministry.
The Caregiver Relief Program of Bedford County is a non-profit charitable
organization and assists the caregivers of persons with Alzheimer’s disease.
A Registered Nurse visits the home to assess the condition of the participant
and caregiver, offer support, education, medical assessment and referrals.
Our program is also very unique in that we are the only program in Tennessee
that provides free nursing visits in the home.

Our program regularly serves 15-20 families. Statistics show that with the
assistance of a program like the CGRBC persons with dementia are able to
remain in their home about one year longer than without support.
With nursing homes costing about $50,000 per year, this is a substantial
savings to local, state and federal governments. Many more people enter
nursing homes because of caregiver burnout than from disease progression.
National surveys show that the greatest need of caregivers is time for themselves and money to help pay for care.
These dedicated people often risk their own health to care for their loved ones and
frequently suffer from many medical problems. The Caregiver Relief Program
is very vital and a basic necessity! Respite reimbursement is one of our priorities
and continues to be a basic need of all caregving families. Knowing that the
community cares about our caregivers validates their effort at home.




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